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    1. Unser Unternehmen wurde auf der 22. China International Coatings Exhibition von der CCTV-Rubrik "Ingenuity" interviewt.

      The purpose of the "Ingenuity" column

      In the country, the ingenuity is the heavy instrument; in the home, the ingenuity is the top beam; the person, the ingenuity is the model. Chinese dream, the heart of the direction. The accumulation of steps to a thousand miles, every footprint, is made by you and me with ingenuity. In the "Ingenuity" column, I strive to portray this impetuous frenzy, a valuable and ingenious story; use the power of real and vivid images to tain the hearts of the audience. I look forward to working with my audience and friends to learn the most simple life force from the ingenuity.