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    1. Break the game and see the bigger world

      Break the game and see the bigger world
      This is the case with people. They will pay attention to what is scarce.
      The busier a person is at work, the more he will plunge into the current affairs.
      He didn't think about what was the most important and what was the priority of these things.
      At the same time, I am too busy to think.
      Managers only know how to do business and think it is a waste of time to cultivate people. The result is getting more and more tired. When reaching the ceiling of personal performance, the team will not reach the goal.
      Some people take two or three part-time jobs and want to increase their income quickly in the short term, but their mental, mental and physical strength are limited, and their energy is divided, so they can't do everything well. What is more frightening is that what he does part-time is a job with no technical content and has not grown at all.
      In fact, many people are very clear about their situation, but choose to ignore it. Those who have the thinking of breaking the situation have already changed all this.
      How to break the game? There are two methods: release the accelerator and press the brake.
      What is the throttle release?
      It is to add some redundant space to yourself on the basis of the present, and the pace can be slower.
      When you lose your order, you can make a review to see where the problem is.
      In addition, you can also use the TDL tool in the management workshop to think deeply, distinguish what is the most important thing, and then prioritize, and spend the most time on the most important thing.
      For example, one of the most important things for managers is to cultivate people. A person's ability is limited, and the goal is constantly increasing. Only by copying the experience to the team and making everyone in the team as excellent as you can we achieve the goal of the team.
      In addition, each day also gives you some time to think and learn, so as to improve your core competitiveness.
      What is stepping on the brake?
      When you find that you are too busy to grow up, feel that working very hard has no effect, and feel very depressed, directly brake hard and stop the dead cycle.
      Either take a long leave or resign. This period of time can be used for thinking, or you can learn systematically to save energy for yourself.
      It often takes a lot of determination to step on the brake, but at a critical time, it is also a powerful medicine that can liberate yourself from the game.
      If you have been in the game, you will be held back. Only by breaking the game can we see a bigger world.