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    1. Precautions for Filling Machine Operation


      1. This machine is an electrostatic sensitive device, please keep it grounded properly.

      2. The maximum weight of this machine is 50kg, and no one is allowed to stand.

      3. Pushing, lifting, pressing and other actions are strictly prohibited in the electronic scale section.

      Maintenance precautions:

      1. Please keep the electronic scale clean.

      2. Foreign objects such as fingers are strictly prohibited from entering the discharge port.

      3. When leaving this machine, the running switch must be turned off.

      4. In order to maintain the accuracy of the electronic scale, it is necessary to calibrate it at least once a month.

      5. Keep the surface and bottom of the scale clean,

      6. When the machine is not in use, please ensure that the pipes, filters, and discharge valves are cleaned thoroughly.

      7. Please remove the moisture from the compressed air before use.

      Daily equipment failures and solutions:

      1. The filling nozzle cannot be tightly closed, resulting in material leakage due to the following reasons:

      1) Insufficient air pressure (pressure below 3KG), the solution is to adjust the air pressure to above 3KG.

      2) The distance between the filling plug and the filling nozzle is too far, and the guiding plug cannot tightly close the filling nozzle. The solution is to have an adjustable nut at the top of the filling valve. Tighten the adjustable nut a few turns upwards until there is no leakage at the discharge port, and then tighten the screw on top.

      3) The filling plug is damaged by hard objects, leading to material leakage. Solution: Replace the plug.