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    1. Related questions and answers of Lianyi filling machine?

                                     Related questions and answers of Lianyi filling machine

      1. Will the filling machine of your equipment and the density of packing materials affect the accuracy of filling weight?

      A: No, because our machine is controlled by weighing. It is only related to the weight of materials, not the volume.

      2. The culture level of our workshop staff is not high, can you operate your machine?

      A: no problem, because our equipment is panel guidance, digital input operation, easy to understand.   

      3. We have many specifications of packing barrels. Can we share one machine with multiple specifications of packing barrels?

      Answer: Yes, because the filling head of our machine can lift the handwheel height, adjust the angle around the left and right. And the outlet diameter of the filling head can be changed quickly.

      4. The use space of our workshop is not large, is the machine convenient to move?

      A: our machine design is reasonable, the model is small, and the bottom is equipped with wheels, which is easy to move. 5. What material is the rack of your equipment made of?

      A: our general equipment is made of stainless steel, and the load-bearing material is carbon steel. Materials can be selected according to customers' requirements.

      6. Our material is relatively viscous, will it leak when filling?

      A: No, our filling valve has vacuum back pumping function, which can effectively prevent dripping.

      7. Our materials are relatively viscous and have poor liquidity. Is there a suitable filling equipment?

      Answer: Yes, we will configure suitable power transmission system according to the material situation, such as pneumatic pump, gear pump or screw transmission.

      8. Is it convenient to clean and dismantle your equipment and the part contacting materials?

      A: it's convenient because the filling valve and pipe connection of our equipment contacting with materials are designed with quick disassembly.

      9. Can your equipment be mixed with iron bucket and plastic bucket?

      Answer: Yes, the filling start of our equipment depends on the weight standard of the packing barrel placed on the weighing table to judge whether the filling is started, which has nothing to do with the material of the packing barrel.

      10. Will the pressure change of materials in the storage tank affect the filling accuracy?

      A: it is impossible to use our equipment, because our equipment is equipped with automatic pressure correction system, which can adjust relevant parameters independently.

      11. Does the machine have special requirements for power supply?

      Answer: basically not. You can choose the right configuration according to the actual situation of the place of use.

      12. Is there any requirement for working air source?

      Answer: if required, first of all, keep the working air provided dry, with less water, and ensure that the pressure has more than 4 standard air pressures.

      13. During the filling process, will the material overflow out of the barrel due to the large impact force?

      A: No, our device has two functions to alleviate this situation. First of all, the position of filling port can be equipped with buffer mechanical structure; and we use corresponding pneumatic control, when opening or closing the filling port, the air pressure will be adjusted accordingly.