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    1. Perception

             People are forced out, only pressure can have motivation, because there is no greater dissatisfaction, so the present dissatisfaction is also happy! If you want to become a chrysalis, you have to break the cocoon. If you want to be reborn, you have to nirvana. Be strong, even when you are sad alone, don't beg for mercy! What comes is cheap, what catches up is cheap. In the pursuit of beauty, don't lose yourself,I have to be myself all the time. Only I have my own style,
      No one can imitate it. The real you have no piracy!I believe that I can hold up my own blue sky. Horses should gallop on the grassland, and eagles should fly in the sky. But I just need to do my own life well. What's worse, what's difficult? All of these need to work hard! If you can't spell it out, find a place to be honest! Who will pity you in this society! Who doesn't come from being beaten up, who doesn't come from grandson. If you can't dominate others, you should take care of yourself and give yourself a chance to be reborn. You who are forced out are the heroes of metamorphosis. Take this opportunity to show your brand-new self. I always believe that "love to fight will win"! I'd rather get moldy with pride than make do with low-key. Read books when bored, find a best friend to talk to when lonely, hurt yourself more, health is all the capital. Don't go too far to ask for things that don't belong to you, because it's meaningless. Put down what should be put down and live your own wonderful