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    1. Filling and palletizing packaging line

      System introduction

      The DCS-50-GZMD filling and stacking packaging line, which adopts the filling method of liquid on the barrel surface, is widely used in the filling of various foam free liquid materials such as paint and ink. According to years of rich experience, the unique filling valve design is easy to disassemble, change size and clean. The filling head is made of 304 stainless steel+Teflon, which makes the filling head resistant to high temperature, corrosion and leakage. The operator only needs to simply place the barrel mouth at the top of the weighing platform directly below the outlet of the filling head, pull the [Operation Switch] on the control box to [Automatic], and the system will automatically start filling. First, fast filling is adopted, and at the end, the two-stage filling method of slow filling is adopted to fill the materials into the barrel quickly and accurately. After filling, the filling head automatically closes the valve, and the operator gently pushes the heavy barrel to the conveying line, The machine automatically puts the lid online, automatically presses the lid, and automatically palletizes. When filling the second barrel, the operator places the empty barrel directly below the filling head, without touching the switch again, the system will automatically start filling when the hand leaves the barrel.

      Basic parameters
      ■ Maximum weighing capacity: 25kg
      ■ Minimum sensitivity: 0.001 kg
      ■ Filling error: ± 5g
      ■ Filling speed: 6 barrels/minute (depending on the feed flow rate)
      ■ Control mode: two gear control
      ■ Filling method: fixed on the barrel mouth
      ■ Hopper level: automatic level control

      ■ Scale platform size: 350 × 350mm
      ■ Filling valve head: SUS304 stainless steel and Teflon
      ■ Temporary storage hopper: SUS304 stainless steel
      ■ Structural material: SUS201 stainless steel (carbon steel for stressed column)
      ■ Roller material: SUS201 stainless steel
      ■ Material interface: DN40 clamp type quick release interface
      ■ Air source interface: 10mm air pipe interface
      ■ Power supply: the user provides 380v/50Hz wire to one side of the machine
      ■ Air source: 04Mpa - 0.8Mpa 10mm air pipe (provided by the user to one side of the machine)
      ■ Operating temperature: - 10 ℃- 50 ℃
      ■ Foundation condition: horizontal solid concrete ground, and the concrete thickness shall not be less than 10cm