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    1. Three-head filling machine

      System introduction

      The DCS-50-YCT liquid filling machine adopts a 32-bit dual core CPU processor control system and the filling method of bucket top liquid, which is widely used in filling all kinds of foam free liquid materials, such as paint and ink. According to many years of rich experience, the unique filling valve design is easy to disassemble, change size and clean. The filling head is made of 304 stainless steel and Teflon, which makes the filling head resistant to high temperature, corrosion and dripping. The operator only needs to put the barrel mouth on the top, align it directly below the outlet of the filling head, and pull the [Operation Switch] on the control box to [Automatic], and the system will automatically start filling. First, the rapid injection is adopted, and finally, the second filling method of slow injection is adopted to quickly and accurately pour the material into the barrel. After filling, the filling head automatically closes the valve, and the machine automatically transports the gland, and the filling is completed. The operator does not need to touch the switch again after placing the empty bucket under the filling head. When the hand leaves the barrel, the system will automatically start filling